66% of the teenage daughter of Indonesia Not Virgin

66% of young women aged junior high school (SMP) and senior secondary school (high school) no longer a virgin. This data beradasar Survey National AIDS Commission (NAC) conducted nationally.

That means today's teens are vulnerable to free sex and drugs due to lack of control over the development of information technology to spread freely.

"If the fast-growing information technology is not currently done with good control and understanding, will become the beginning point of the free sex and drug abuse," said RH observer College of Health Sciences (Stikes) Aisyiah Surakarta, Maryatun at a seminar on "Reproductive Health Teens and Drugs "in Sukoharjo.

According Maryatun, at the age of this teen-age, one in seven boys have started to try, either toward sex, cigarettes, or drugs.

Thus, it is very possible increase in crime rate of reproduction and drug abuse among teenagers today.

"For example, about the early pregnancy or pregnancy due to crime, and sex behavior that occur in adolescents," he said.

According to the survey, he said, when it was found that the average age of marriage occurs at age 19 years.

"This is very dangerous and not good on reproductive health, since all the reproductive organs have not fully formed," he said.

He said, marriage is the ideal starting at the age of 21 years. "Related to that, now we are aggressively doing counseling for students on the understanding of the importance of adolescent reproductive health and the dangers of drugs," he said.
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