Ariel - Luna Got To Plan Wedding

Although living separately with limited communication, 3.5 years condemned porn video case, or Ariel Nazriel Irham remains committed to maintain a relationship with Luna Maya. That's the one that delivered the reporter Ariel SCTV, Anastasya Princess, Friday (02/12/2011).

"So far we have fixed the road, and hopefully see you later. Indeed there are some who have postponed our plans, so prior to this we also have a plan themselves. We both also have a plan, but it should be no problems that hinder, dijalanin first. Yes hopefully what we plan is probably still running, "Ariel said with a calm expression and voice.

As emphasized about the plans referred to above, Ariel smiled and tried to suppress speech. "My plan," he said with a laugh as hard to give an answer.

Anastasya was urgent, whether the plan is getting married, Ariel was agreed. "Yes, approximately gitulah, yes but do not need digembar-geborkan actually," he said without giving further explanation.

At the end of the interview, Ariel was given the opportunity to express her gratitude to Sahabat Peterpan who have helped and support during the initial case is handled through the court verdict.

"Oh yes thank you Sahabat Peterpan, continued .. not just Sahabat Peterpan yes, so far there is a martial-Stand also come here from far away, and many also give prayers, many of which sent a letter, letter thank you very much . Create a family most of all, let alone her prayers, moral support. Too many people I must thank you. I say thank you for everything that ever come in contact with me thank you very much, "he concluded.
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