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Clicksor Launches Plugin For Joomla, Blogger, Wordpress, and Drupal Publishers 2010-09-01
Clicksor, one of the contextual advertising leaders, has launched its new plugins for Publishers in its network.

By using the Clicksor plugin, Joomla, Blogger, Wordpress, and Drupal publishers can now easily integrate Clicksor in-line text ads and CPV Pop-Under ads with just a click.

This will allow online publishers to earn higher advertising revenues by displaying targeted ads on their websites or blog.

Benefits for using the Clicksor Publisher Plugin:

- Let publishers maximize flexibility and ease with the integration and customization of Clicksor ads on their blogs or CMS sites.

- Implement Clicksor ads on their blogs or CMS sites with one click.

- Benefit from the highest payment with our inline text ads and popunder ads with our easy integration process.

- Simple to download, activate and update.

To learn more how to implement the Clicksor Plugins for publishers, please go to

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# An Important Publisher Announcement Regarding About Paypal Payments 2010-06-17

Thank for choosing, we are the only major contextual network that offers net 15 payments with $50 minimum on all payouts.

We would like to remind all publishers who are currently receiving payments from Paypal. There is a $1 dollar service charge from Paypal for all payments if you are currently using this option.

For more information about a list of fees that Paypal charges, please visit

If you would like to avoid the $1 payment, we recommend that you use the check payment option. Please consult you banking representatives for all potential service charges from your bank.

Note: the minimum for check payments is $50. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your account representatives. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Clicksor Publisher Support Team

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