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Welcome to the new PubStop for ISM Publishers!

During our beta period, we've gathered a lot of feedback from you, our publisher community, and we've been hard at work producing tools that help you earn more money! So what's new?

We have dedicated tabs, to the left, for many of our new features, but here are some highlights:

1. Revamped User Interface
With a more intuitive design, find what you need faster with easier access to stats, which is what you care about!

2. New Image Reporting tool
The new, powerful Image Reporting tool allows you to gain insights into how images on your sites are performing. Which ones are generating the most income? Highest click through rates? eCPM? Search? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

3. Image Manager enhancements
The Image Manager tool has also undergone a facelift. It's easier than ever to control your image inventory for ads. Search for images, control over which images have ads, suggest keywords to help us do a better job!

4. Referral Program
Many publishers have been clamoring for a referral program. We feel our new plan is fair and generous to our loyal publisher community. We encourage participation.

Your new account has been approved. Now what? Getting started is simple! Here are a few easy steps to get you underway.

Step 1: Create.

Start your domain setup process by clicking on the == >  Create Tab.
ISM (Image Space Media) Referral Banner

* Submit the domain you want to place in-image ads
* Customize your ad display options
* Note: If you want to add multiple domains, you will need to submit each domain you want to add individually.

Step 2: Our code.

We provide you with a snippet of JavaScript. Insert it into your site's code.

Step 3: Ads.

Once you add our code, you should start seeing our Public Service ads immediately. That means it works! These ads will continue to run until we have had a chance to analyze your site for more targeted ads. This usually happens in less than 24 hours.

Step 4: Get Paid.
**Good luck**

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