Web 2.0 CSS Menu Generator

This free tool generates CSS menus in three easy steps. You can choose between a variety of horizontal, vertical and dropdown CSS templates, specify the number of links, and type in the titles and URLs. Once you hit ‘Download CSS menu’, you get a ZIP file with the CSS code, the HTML code, the GIF images of your menu, and a detailed installation instruction! Take a look for yourself…

Below is a screenshot of how you get to create your CSS menu. In the top row, you can see the live preview. We chose this one to demonstrate how it works. All you have to do is tell the free generator how many buttons you want, and then enter the labels (titles) with the according links.

What you get is a complete, ready-to-use CSS menu template with hover effects. The images are included in the download. If you use CSS in web design (which you absolutely shoud), you’ll love this little tool.

Check the free online CSS Menu Maker out right here!

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