The 20 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Bikini

20. Saddle Up

It looks like Jerry Jones did something right.
Melissa Kellerman leads a powerful Cowboys cheerleading squad, perhaps stronger than the team they root for.
On the other hand, Dallas is poised for an exciting and successful year in head coach Jason Garrett's first full season.
Regardless of record, it'll be a pretty sight on the sidelines.


19. Pirate's Booty

After missing the playoffs last year with a 10-6 record, the Buccaneers are anxious to play football this season.
Fans are anticipating the stellar cheer squad to continue to shake and move to the sounds of touchdowns and sacks.
Across the country, we expect nothing less.
It's curious as to whether this Cowboys' cheerleader had her hair placed across her face or allowed it to naturally sway.
We'll go with the latter.
The Cowboys are excited to get Tony Romo back, just as long as he doesn't get distracted by the beautiful sidelines.
Cheerleader Jordan Chanley is just another potent weapon on an already stellar cheer squad.
Kudos to the Cowboys, who keep throwing beautiful figures in our faces.
They've done it all, now they just need wins.

16. Sexiest Sea Gal

Amber Lancaster may have only been with the Sea Gals, the cheerleading squad of the Seattle Seahawks, for five seasons, but she is still greatly remembered by football fans.
With perhaps the best bikini body on this list, Amber ate out the hearts of a plethora of eager fans.
She continues to open up eyes with her amazing figure.

15. Might as Well Be Mermaids

They're not smiling because their team just drafted offensive lineman Mike Pouncey but because they know that their cheers are crucial to keeping fans in the stands.
Not cockiness but confidence.
Chad Henne's career began to dwindle when he couldn't focus on opposing defenses anymore.

14. Soaring Eagle

The Eagles may be ready to pull the trigger on wide receiver Plaxico Burress after his stint in prison, but this cheerleader keeps the fans coming back.
They aren't only beautiful but also tough as they have watched their team face plenty of adversity in the past few years.
There's a reason Michael Vick had such a remarkable year last year and it's not the coaching.

13. Bucking Bronco

Broncos fans may be excited to watch Von Miller join the linebacking squad next year, but cheerleader Tara Battiato really exhilarates them.
This picture must have been a fantasy of the photographer or they really took it in the Amazon River.
Either way, it's euphoric.

12. This Is Definitely Criminal

When Ray Lewis said there would be more crime if there was no football, he was insinuating that fans would be fighting over the sexy cheerleaders.
This Ravens girl gets to watch a vicious defense every week and is never off her cheering game.
Like the Ravens, she seems determined.

11. Denver's Hot During the Winter

Denver Broncos cheerleader Romi Bean is used to the camera.
While she is often posing, Bean cheers in Denver and is unfortunately covered up during the chilly months of the winter season.
If only Denver was hot all year.

10. Minnesota Steaming

There's a reason Brett Favre got injured, because he wanted to gaze at the cheer squad on the sidelines.
He's hitless in two at-bats against sideline hotties.
Sorry Brett.

9. Beautiful Bill

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a career year last year with the inspiration of his sexy cheer squad.
While NFL fans sympathize with the team, they are envious of the quality of girls roaming the sidelines.
It's easy to see why.

8. Natural Is Better

While this may have been a designed pose, this cheerleader doesn't have to try very hard.
This natural beach look suits her just right.
We may not know where she does her cheering but she certainly has no problems finding opportunities.

7. A Hint of Cowboy

Are they trying out?
While this may not be the most intimidating formation ever created, it will sure get defenses on their heels.
Well done ladies, well done.

6. Dressing in Jag

The Jaguars are excited to watch another season of MJD running all over opposing defenses.
Fans are more ready to watch this cheerleader flaunt her inhibitions around the sidelines.
We can't possibly disagree.

5. Fool Me Twice...

Here's the opposing team's counter.
While they also lack proper intimidation, their beauty makes up for it.
Maybe they need to take a page out of Little Giants and take ant-acid pills that make them foam at the mouth.
Less sexy but more effective.

4. Purple Pride

The Vikings may have taken Christian Ponder with the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft to be their franchise signal caller, but he will most likely hold the clipboard in his rookie season.
In order to be competitive, Minnesota still needs a quarterback. Rumors have been swirling about a possible Donovan McNabb acquisition.
Want to make that happen?
Show him pictures of the cheerleading squad.

3. The Ultimate Team

These cheerleaders have mastered the level of intimidation needed to succeed in the NFL.
While other squads failed and were left in the dust, this one dominates the field and takes home the trophy.

2. Vintage Cowboys

While she is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is too sexy to leave off this list.
Dallas clearly has an eye for beautiful talent as they don't have a single cheerleader who couldn't model.
Cheerleaders are like pass rushers, you can never have too many.

1. Josh Wants-to-Be-a-Freeman

How can any of these players concentrate?
Judging by the greatness of that stadium, this picture must have been taken in the back.
There is plenty of excitement surrounding the Buccaneers this year.

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