MOLESTER seized reprimanded on Car Glass

MOLESTER seized reprimanded at Glass Cars With a large glass car, driver and passengers more flexibility when viewing the scenery. However, a large glass not only superior by a factor of "panoramic". The reason, a wife named Nikki utilize large glass on the Ford Excursion owned by Dave, her husband, to write the message "you are caught cheating."

"Dave affection. Tell your girlfriend, wife and children entrusted greeting. PS: I drain the savings. You're broke. Regards, Nikki and the kids," writes Nikki bongsor black SUV while it was parked in an apartment.

Related to this, a comment poster named call Deathrabbits give rebuttal at Jalopnik. He seems close to the family.

"... It starts from the ship they buy. Nikki and the kids and their neighbors who sucks it like a vacation to Lake Tahoe, but did not want to drive with Ford was taking my boat to get there. Finally, Dave was a long journey itself, while others fly there. "

"In the midst of a long journey, Dave rested and met a woman who was alone and waiting for a friend. They talked to each other find the right friends. However, they are then affected alcohol. Dave regretted his actions."

"Now Dave lost everything, ranging from children, savings ... The condition of their marriage, particularly Nikki, changed after there are children. Dave bought the BMW Series-7 just because Nikki wanted to show off to neighbors. Nikki forcing Dave to sell BMW E36 Coupe hers because it was considered 'not a family car again'. Now that Nikki felt 'proud' to punish and to write it in Dave's car glass, "said Deathrabbits.

Regardless of right and wrong and biased to where, one message only, how the windshield can have a lot of stories.

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