YmAds-All Info about payments -best Choce For US traffic..!!

Here Jane West, ad manager from YmAds.

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Here Andrzej from finance dept. of YmAds
I´m new in YmAds company, so you maybe don´t know me.

In this post I wanna give you all informations about payments, here, in YmAds.

Payments minimum and maximum

There isn´t any payments minimum for PayPal payments.
PayPal´s minimum is one cent, so if you earn $0.01 USD per month, you will receive this one cent to you PayPal.
Maximum for PayPal payments is different by our actual PayPal balance.
All payments under $100 USD will be paid via PayPal without problems, payments higher that $100 USD can be paid via PayPal, but we can require from you your bank data and send you this money via wire transfer.
For sure, we will pay all fees associated with transfer.
Wire transfers are send from Banco Citibank de Guatemala from Guatemala; you will receive your wire transfer within 2 - 27 business days (by your country).

Payment policy

We have monthly NET30 payments.
It means that you will receive your payment within 30 days from end of billing month.
Money earned in January you will receive in 1. March.

Checks and other payment´s ways

If you haven´t PayPal or Bank Account we can send you your payment via Check, but it takes long time to receive check from us.

We can also send you your payments in cash via UPS in US dollars.

Taxes in European Union countries

From start of this year there is some new law in European Union about payments from other countries.
I don´t fully know this law, but we aren ´t european company, and money aren ´t send from EU, too, so I think, that you don ´t have to pay taxes from our payments.

We are Zimbabwean company, and money are send from Citibank, Guatemala (Central America).

Hope that this topic help you.

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