It's easy, takes only 5 minutes, and you even earn $5 cash reward!

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It's easy, takes only 5 minutes, and you even earn $5 cash reward!

Download Streamster™
To download the client application, please click on the link below, choose the "Save" option in your browser, and save the client to your local computer. If you prefer to start the installation process right away, please click on the link below and choose the "Open" option in your browser.
File Version:1.2536
File Size:524 KB
Platform:Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Download File:Streamster™ Installation Package
Download Time < 3 min @ 28.8 kbps, < 2 min @ 57.6 kbps, < 1 min @ ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1.
No Spyware, No Adware, No Malware.
Uninstaller Included.
Option to Minimize to System Tray.
For any inquiries you might have during the client application download, installation or later use, please do not hesitate to contact our support team:
Get help with the client application
Novativa Streamster™ is a client application you need to download and install on your computer in order to subscribe to and use services provided by Marketiva. When you download and install the application on your local computer, you will be able to access Streamster Server at Marketiva that accepts connections from the client application.
The address of the Streamster Server at Marketiva is:
When you start the client application on your local computer, you will be asked to type-in your username, password and the server address where you want to connect to. You then need to type-in your username and password that you received through the registration process on Web Site. For the server address, please type-in the server address specified above. After a few seconds your client application will connect to the Streamster Server at Marketiva and you will be able to subscribe to and use the services provided by Marketiva. 

Market Conditions 

This page is intended to provide specific details and conditions regarding market instruments available for trading. Due to a constantly changing nature of financial markets, information provided on this page is subject to change at any moment and without prior notice. Portion of the information provided below is updated in real-time. 

Price Spreads 

Spreads between bid and offer (ask) prices are variable. They depend on current market conditions and can change at any time. Below is the list of standard price spreads on the market instruments available for trading. Current price spreads that are different from the standard ones are shown in brackets.
EUR/USD: 2, USD/JPY: 3, GBP/USD: 4, USD/CHF: 4, USD/CAD: 4, AUD/USD: 4, NZD/USD: 4, EUR/JPY: 4, EUR/GBP: 3, EUR/CHF: 4, GBP/JPY: 8, AUD/JPY: 5, CHF/JPY: 5, GBP/CHF: 8, EUR/CAD: 10, EUR/AUD: 10, AUD/CAD: 10, Constantine: 0.60%, Yangtze: 1.00%, Asiasset: 1.00%, Brasillion: 1.00%, Indiamond: 1.00%, Nippon: 1.00%, Columbus: 1.00%, Eastera: 1.00%, Dow Jones: 475 (950), Nasdaq 100: 90 (270), S&P 500: 50 (200), DAX: 275 (11000), FTSE 100: 450 (18000), CAC 40: 200 (8000), Russell 3000: 35 (105), Gold: 80, Silver: 55, Platinum: 475 (2375), Palladium: 380 (1900).

Please note that price spreads often unexpectedly change and greatly increase during weekends, in after-hours trading, in case of market-related announcements or market turmoil. 
Become Marketiva Assistant
Work together with the most innovative market maker in the world.
Marketiva assistant program provides opportunity for current members of our affiliate program to work more closely with Marketiva and provide assistance in customer support and in other areas. Marketiva is pleased to welcome prospective assistants from all countries around the world and strongly supports diversity in the assistant program. All new applicants start with the base Assistant position, while the best of them will be promoted to the Consultant and to the advanced Specialist positions. Marketiva may offer supervisory positions to the best Specialists in the program.
Earn commissions based on your contribution in supporting other users.
Assistants work during a precisely defined time-frame of three (3) to four (4) hours per each business day. Assistant's earnings directly depend on his / her contribution coefficient. The contribution coefficient is calculated every day for current month and it depends on the assistant's level in the program, number and quality of support inquiries resolved by the assistant and on other contribution parameters. At the end of each month assistant's earnings are transferred to his / her client account.
How do I apply?
In order to apply for Marketiva assistant program, you need to have a regular client account with us. You also need to be enrolled in our affiliate program and to demonstrate adequate results in that program. If you are not enrolled into our affiliate program, please follow the link below:
Apply for Marketiva Affiliate
In order to verify your client account, please upload your identification documents through the following form:
Send us your identification documents
If you already have a verified client account and an adequate affiliate relationship with us, please contact our assistant program managers through the following form:
Contact our assistant program managers
Our assistant program managers will kindly ask you to send us your professional resume (Curriculum Vitae) and you may soon start working with us through the assistant program. When sending your professional resume, please format it as a PDF, as our security system will not allow us to open other document formats.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us by visiting the following contact page:
Ask a question about our assistant program
We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and comments, and hope we can work together and make the assistant program a successful and rewarding experience for both you and us.


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