Tsunami Jepang Dan Gempa

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami News, Photo and Video - Japan was hit by an Earthquake today. it was said that the magnitude of this earthquake was 8,9 Richter Scale which is the largest in the last 20 years. The Eartquake was also followed by a Tsunami. Until now there's no recent news about the victim in Japan Earthquake today. the earthquake hit japan on 14:46 local-time.

The north-east was hit the hardest, but it was felt in Tokyo tooThe north-east was hit the hardest, but it was felt in Tokyo too. Many tweeps in Twitter are joining #prayforjapan.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey or USGS, the quake measuring magnitude 8.8 and struck about 400 kilometers from Tokyo at a depth of 20 miles.

Tsunami warning applies to Japan, Russia, Marcus Island, and Northern Marianas. Monitoring of the tsunami were also issued for Guam, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and the state of Hawaii, USA, "wrote Pacific Tsunami Early Detection Center of Hawaii as written AAP and launched from news.com.au,

Photo of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami today March 11th 2011.

Cars being swept away in the tsunami afterwards:
A refinery burns:
Fire and devastation:
Water, fire, and chaos:
Tsunami on land:
Smoke shrouds the sky:
A now-sideways highway:
Fires burn:
Coverage on Japanese TV in the immediate aftermath:
A fireball from a refinery lights up the sky:
Tremendous fires break out:
Ominous waves:
A hole opens in the ground:
A tsunami swirls off the coast of Japan:
Cars crushed:
Like toys, cars and planes are strewn together in a pile of debris:
An ominous sky:
Boats in the middle of land:
A house begins to topple, roads crumble:
Flames devour homes:
Day breaks:
Walking through rubble:
An explosion at a nuclear plant:
A car climbs a house:
Panic strips a supermarket bare:
Chaos to the horizon:


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